In today's episode, we will be continuing to explore how you can get inside your client's mind. You will be able to get them thinking, "Hey! Is she re...View Details

Have you ever wished you could read your client's mind? Really get in their heads, so that you could understand exactly what they were looking for so ...View Details

This week we want to talk a little bit about your ideal client. Some of you might already know who that is, while others might not have any clue at al...View Details

Gremlins and Confidence

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This week we explore the 5 biggest mistakes we made when starting our business. Although mistake sounds so negative, we are here to show you that very...View Details

A Business out of what?!

Amanda and I started our own photo-organizing business 6 years ago. At that time we had no idea such a thing even existed! Fast-forward 6 years and ma...View Details

Amanda and I created a successful and meaningful photo-organizing business while working full time and raising our small children. The struggles are r...View Details